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This word becomes increasingly more prevalent in my life every year. It is such a simple word. We use it all the time but this year it has a weight attached to it that I can’t even describe. Sort of like the love for an incredible spouse, child, or parent. You know, that love so big that you can’t even really feel it all? So big that you can’t even begin to find the words to REALLY explain it. I AM THANKFUL. Forever THANKFUL and here is why.

1. I’m THANKFUL that my body gets me out of bed every day and cooperates while I breathe, hold my son, kiss my husband, and do all the other things that keep me busy.

2. I’m THANKFUL that my spirit is eternally optimistic and naive and hopeful and curious and loving.

3. I’m THANKFUL that music and nature can move my soul so profoundly.

4. I’m THANKFUL that I am surrounded by the most inspiring and amazing people who expose me to so many fantastic and beautiful things.

5. I am THANKFUL  for a world full of beauty and wonder.

I am THANKFUL. THANKFUL for it all. What are you THANKFUL for today?

Happy November,

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