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I illustrate and create for the quirky and curious soul who delights in whimsical fun patterns inspired by adventure, travel and home.



I have been creating for years and it always feels like I’m coming home. It’s that sweet spot where I feel energized and alive and I can’t wait to see how inspiration and creativity move through me. It’s always a surprise and I think that’s my favorite part. It’s curiosity that motivates me and creating that propels me.

I hope that you’ll find inspiration to follow your own curiosity here. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by.

I hope to see you soon,

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 Sometimes I sit down to draw and I have no ideas at all. None. No inspiration. No motivation to find inspiration. I just feel stuck. ✨ ✨ Today was one of those days so I decided to remove the pressure and just watercolor random shapes with a new color palette. It was fun and it counts as artistic time. #winning ✨ ✨ What do you do when you are lacking inspiration? ✨ ✨ #illustrationartists #watercolor #doitfortheprocess #whimsical #create #paint #art #artist #simple #justdoit
 I don’t think I’ve ever introduced myself on here so here it goes: ✨ ✨ I’m Andi. I live in WNC with my husband, two boys, and our dog Birch. I like to draw, illustrate, read, listen to music, explore with my family and have lots of alone time. ✨ ✨ I’m great at helping and caring for my family and friends. I’m learning to be great at self care and saying no. There’s nothing I love more than an adventure with my family.  ✨ ✨ I’m not great at social media or being consistent. I love change. Stress and overwhelm are two things I try to avoid at all cost. I’m very sensitive and cry easily. I love being a sensitive person, it allows me to better see the feelings of those around me. ✨ ✨ I was diagnosed with a few autoimmune diseases and it may have been the best thing to ever happen to me in terms of learning my limits and listening to my instincts and cutting out all the crap. ✨ ✨ I’d love to learn a little about you. What is the thing you are great at? ✨ ✨ #meettheartist #illustration #illustrationartists #surfacepattern #hello #northcarolina #creative #surfacepatterndesign #art #artistsoninstagram
 Do you guys remember this collection? ✨ ✨ I did something pretty scary this week and showed my work to two art directors and about 40 other artists. ✨ ✨ Can I talk about how vulnerable, scary, and paralyzing it feels to show your creative work to other creatives? Yeah! It was tough to build up the nerve to do it. ✨ ✨ You know what? Everyone was so supportive and kind and wonderful. You know what else? I didn’t die. ✨ ✨ Sometimes we have to take a chance to grow. Sometimes we have to be brave for a second to move forward. Sometimes we have to stand up to our fear to be seen. ✨ ✨ Is there something that has you feeling a bit nervous or fearful lately? Share it with us! I would love to hear your story. ✨ ✨ #surfacepatterndesign #quiltmarket2018 #fabric #fabriccollection #illustration #illustrationartists #spd #spdimmersionretreat #houston #roundtoptexas #texas
 This morning I woke up in Round Top, Texas at the #spdimmersionretreat  It’s a beautiful venue and I’m so excited to spend the day with so many wonderful creatives. . . #spd #surfacepatterndesign #roundtoptexas #creativity #theprairie