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How to Make Patterned Washi Tape In Adobe Illustrator

I feel so honored and excited to be part of the Design Surface Patterns from Scratch Blog Hop. I hope you were able to check out the latest post by Margaret Kelly at margaret kelly art. Today, I’m going to show you how to make patterned washi tape in Illustrator… we all know you have been dying to know how!

The course over at Creative Live by Bonnie Christine has really helped me build confidence in Illustrator and has given me tools to solve design problems very efficiently. After the course was over, the community has been just buzzing with inspiration and support. It really is an astounding thing to be part of such a huge motivating group of folks. So, thanks to all of you who have shared your designs and your tips with us!DSPS Blog Hop ---> beetsandokra

For my part of the DSPS Blog Hop, I want to show you all how to design patterned washi tape in Illustrator with just a few easy steps. For this tutorial, I have done something new for me. I made a video tutorial! {please excuse any amateur video mistakes} I did this because I found that I am able to follow along better when I can listen to a video multiple times in the background while I work. So… let’s go make that washi tape and stick it on ALL the things. I LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

Here is the video for Illustrated Patterned Washi Tape, just use the password ‘washi’ to watch.

Illustrated Washi Tape Tutorial from beets + okra on Vimeo.

washi tape clip art ---> beets and okraBonnie from Going Home To Roost has been such an inspiration to me and many others who have taken the course. One of my favorite inspirational quotes that she shared was, ‘There is room for you!’ No matter what your dream is or what you want to do with your life. THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU! It’s easy to get discouraged and to feel that you could never do or be as good as so-and-so. The truth is there is enough room for everyone to shine their light and to share their dream with the world. Happiness comes from feeling like you have something important to contribute! So shine that light. I support you and I guarantee everyone in the DSPS community will love and support you too.

If you missed the Design Surface Patterns from Scratch course it’s not too late. You can buy the any time access package for just $79 over at Creative Live.

Bonnie is so generous and has offered anyone following this blog hop one free month Roost Tribe subscription. I am a member of the Roost Tribe and it is such an inspiring thing to get these emails every week with tutorials and beautiful designs from Bonnie.

Here is a little peak at what came out of the course for me. Pattern design is outside of the work I generally do SO this was the first time I had EVER tried to make a pattern of any kind. {I must say that laying vector out for pattern making was/is pretty tricky for me – Bonnie makes it look so easy!} I was pretty pleased that I was able to come up with THIS. I have a little boy and it can be really challenging to find fabrics at the quilt shop for boys {or girls} that enjoy outside adventure or non-traditional sports, that was my inspiration. I would like to work with it some more to see where it could go.

course patterns ---> beets and okra

Thanks again to everyone who has shared their work and has taken the time to inspire us all!

Be sure to check out the blog hop tomorrow by Kimberly Costa over at honizukle.

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