I just love fall. The crisp air, the snuggly sweaters, the changing colors, and the abundance of my favorite comfort foods. We’ve been renovating our house so instead of really sinking in and loving the new season we seem to be racing against the ‘winter is coming’ clock. That’s okay though, everything has its season and THIS season we are making this house OUR home. It will be well worth the sacrifice and hard work when we are all snuggled up admiring our work over hot cocoa this winter.

I’ve been struggling with giving myself grace during this transitional time. I have expectations for blogging, designing, decorating, taking care of baby, cooking, and cleaning. Our house is in total chaos and it can be overwhelming. I thrive in a more organized and sorted environment. We are still tripping over moving boxes, construction supplies, and half laid flooring and it’s starting to wear on us. It’s amazing how a cluttered space will clutter a mind. So back to the grace thing…

I want to do ALL the things ALL the time but that just can’t happen right now and I have had to come to terms with it. So instead of feeling bummed and disappointed with myself I choose to give myself grace. It’s not easy. Some moments I feel like I’m failing at the task-du-jour but then I remember that we are going through a huge transition and it is okay to only do what I can. The only pressure I feel is the pressure I put on myself. So, I am choosing grace. I am choosing love. I am choosing self-care. I will appreciate this season for what it is and I will give myself a big ol’ bear hug and a cup of tea.

I use art, design, and drawing to decompress. So as a treat this week, I sat down to draw a little graphic for my main man {the hubs}. We love camping and each fall I want to pack up the truck and head out to the woods, build a bon fire, and enjoy the new season while rejuvenating my soul for the impending winter season. I wanted to share this little illustration of our favorite playful phrases. You can click here for a free printable version!

camping is in-tents ---> beetsansokra.com

It’s fall, y’all! What does fall mean to you?

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