I have been inspired beyond belief these last few weeks and I have been dying to share all of this with you! FIRST, I participated in the Design Surface Patterns from Scratch with Bonnie Christine course over at Creative Live. NOW, if you aren’t familiar with Creative Live, let me acquaint you. It is a place where you can watch LIVE streaming creative courses. Have you always wanted to learn how to take better photos, draw in illustrator, edit in Photoshop, or start your own crafting business? There are classes about each and every one of these topics plus a zillion more. It’s free to watch the classes while they are live and you can pay to have anytime course access.

blog hop ---> andisigsbey.com I had an amazing experience with this course. Bonnie is an incredible woman with exceptional creative talent and I think everyone in the course was thrilled to be a part of it. Even if you aren’t interested in becoming a surface pattern designer, the course would translate well to anyone interested in illustration, entrepreneurship, or creative inspiration. You can learn more about Bonnie and what she does over at goinghometoroost.com where she blogs about ALL the beautiful things.

Also, there is a blog hop that came out of Bonnie’s course, you can click this link to see what everyone is up to. You are sure to pick up some illustrator tips, inspiring artwork, and beautiful people all spinning their creative wheels. Mark your calendars, I am on October 20th and will be doing a tutorial for making patterned washi tape in illustrator. Wahoo!

SECOND, We bought a house and moved! For those of you keeping up with the Sigsbey saga, this makes our third move in the last 15 months. THIRD. I’m so tired of moving BUT I feel so inspired to finally have my own real life space again. Now, I know most people who live in rentals can make them dreamy and cozy and wonderful but I don’t have that gift. The husband and I are ‘rip walls out’ kind of people and are hardly ever satisfied with a house that can’t be restructured.

We are over the moon excited to be in our very own home once again. We moved in a little over a week ago and have been remodeling ever since. It’s bound to be a long process but we love it. We were lucky enough to have family {THANKS MOM + DAD} come to town for a week to help us out with the babe so we could get more done. before + after ---> andisigsbey.com Reasons why my new home inspires me:

1. I am within walking distance to downtown for the first time in my life and I love it. Leif and I have been walking to the library and to the elementary school and it’s just wonderful.

2. We live in a real neighborhood. You know, like, kids actually play and ride their bikes down the street and neighbors stop to say hello. I’ve always wanted that! We even found a neighbor with a baby the same age as Leif.

3. I have a real grown up backyard with flowers, herbs, birds, butterflies, and my very own toad. Ahhhh.

While we love renovating, this is the first time we done it with a baby in the house. That brings a whole new element to the process. There is one person working and the other wrangling little man. So far we have ripped out carpet, repainted all the bedrooms, and put down bamboo flooring in those rooms. After we are finished there, it’s on to the rest of the house along with ripping out a couple of walls. 🙂

So, with all of this new inspiration, I put together a little illustration to show how inspired I am by my new home and to also say a big thank you to our family. As I grow and learn I do realize that family is everything. Family can be anyone that you hold near and dear, they don’t have to be related. These special relationships in our lives really do mean the most. Those people who inspire you and help you should be honored and appreciated.

So here’s to those special people in my life and yours. flowersCC-01