I don’t know about you but I love with all of my heart and soul to have a planner that is organized and full of dates, obligations, and all things household. In reality, I would give myself a C- on my ability to update and keep us organized. Hey, sometimes it’s all about the effort. I made some custom pages for my planner {translation —> I’m too cheap to buy real pre-made planner pages} and will be sharing them with you over the next little bit. So here is the meal plan and grocery list page. So far these are my absolute favorites. It’s easy to scribble down a plan for each and every day with extra space for those special occasions or added meals for those of you who feel like short order cooks. I hope you enjoy them!

After spending the time to write down all the potential meals of the week, I fill out the grocery list and take it with me shopping. It’s also a great place to keep up with coupons or sales. I have a clear zipper pouch that clips into my planner where I stash my coupons and receipts so that I can keep up with what in the word we are doing at the grocery store since that is where we blow the bulk of our cash.

Meal Plan + Grocery List ---> andisigsbey.com


These pages are sized to fit the Franklin Covey Compact Planner. The sheet sizes are 4.25″x6.77″ and can be printed front and back {double sided} although let’s hope you are better at this than me. My printer always misaligns the page! ALWAYS! Then I end up with a bunch of crooked back pages, but hey, it still works. I just don’t show anyone else those parts. I have included cut marks on them for those you who are paper cutter challenged like me. For those of you that don’t use a compact planner you can blow these up to be 5½” x 8½” for a standard planner or really any size that you want.

free printable ---> andisigsbey.comI hope you enjoy these and stay tuned for more compact planner free printables.