Every time I turn out some sort of handmade or DIY project I get this comment… ‘I could never do that’. FACT IS – YES YOU CAN! With a little patience anything is possible. I learned, long ago, that loving DIY meant that I could not love perfection. Now, some artists can seemingly turn out a perfect product all day long but I bet if you ask them, they would almost always be able to pick out something they wish was a wee bit different. So I challenge you, go out and get those hands dirty —> love the process —> and tackle that project you’ve been wanting to do but feared it wouldn’t turn out ‘perfectly’. Perfect is not nearly as interesting as the things that are unique!

So here is my SANS-perfection DIY hand painted signs!

handpaintedsigns ---> andisigsbey.com

 above photos by Wayfaring Wanderer

We did the painted signs above for our wedding and I thought they turned out really well. So well, in fact, that I re-did them for Wayfaring Wanderer‘s wedding a few weeks ago.

Now here is the kicker, I couldn’t paint a straight line if my life depended on it. In my house my husband has banned me from ALL painting. Folks, I mean even big giant walls. He says..’NOPE, don’t even touch it’. This is how sloppy and crazy I am with paint. It ends up in my hair, in the dogs hair, somehow on my back even though I was fully clothed… I mean it’s a serious issue around here. I had similar results with drywall mud. Sigh.

So… I did some thinking… there has got to be a way for a sloppy painter like me to make beautiful wedding signs on a budget. I think I have found the easiest way EVER! So follow the process below to make your own beautiful hand painted signs.

DIY hand painted signs ---> andisigsbey.com

Gather Supplies:

  • I used old windows that I found rotting behind a house and scrap wood cut into arrow shapes but you could use anything!
  • You will need a little painters tape or scotch tape to hold your ‘stencil’ straight while you trace
  • Graphite paper works great to transfer your favorite font onto the piece of wood
  • You will need a font printed off to trace —> thick fonts work better and double-check that the font size is perfect to fit on your piece of wood
  • A ballpoint pen works great for tracing as it leaves a nice thick line that is easy to follow with a paint brush
  • You will need craft paint in any color you like and a small paint brush so that you can follow the font as closely as possible.


First you want to prepare your ‘stencil’ or in this case your piece of paper with the word or phrase printed on it. You can use Word for this or any other program. Piece your ‘stencil’ together, it will have most likely printed on two or three 8.5×11 sheets and you will need to tape it together to be one seamless piece. Now it’s time to trace those letter onto the wood. Put the graphite paper on top of the wood (graphite side down) and then place your ‘stencil’ on top of the graphite paper. {You may need tape to help hold it in place – I did!} Take your ballpoint pen and trace around each of the letters. Once finished, double-check that you got them all. Now paint your little heart out, filling in all the fun little details of your font. I find that two coats usually does the job! One graphite paper was enough to do four signs for me.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and have fun crafting! YOU CAN DO IT!