Question: How stinkin’ excited do you get when you go to the mailbox and there is something in there besides bills and advertisements. I get so happy that I whistle and skip back to the house. I love love LOVE getting hand written cards! LOVE IT. It makes me feel all warm and cozy inside to know someone sat down and took the time to write little ‘ol me. These days it’s easy enough to put your personal touch on greeting cards, print your own at home, or get cute cards at the local craft store. Here is a round-up of my favorite ways to get special cards to send to the favorite people in your life.

greeting card round up ---> beets + okra1. You Make the World Better: Tried and True Blog —> These are absolutely adorable and would be a great little project. This card could be done with any cricut or other store-bought cutter {how can I use my cricut to cut custom designs?} OR those with a xacto knife and enough patience to fill the Taj Mahal could go at it manually. Either way, the recipient would be over the moon excited to get this in the mail.

2. Thank You: How About Orange —> These are adorable little thank you cards designed by Jennifer Furgeson and give out as a free printable at How About Orange. What a cute and whimsical way to say thank you!

3. Many Thanks: Hey Susy —> Another great free printable thank you card designed by Susy Jack. I love the floral motif. It is playful and fun!

4. Notecards: Embellish —> “You are dear to me”, what a cute way to send a very meaningful message. This is another free printable found over on the Embellish blog.

I hope you like this little round-up. It’s such a special thing to send and receive hand written and homemade notes!

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