I’m so glad you are stopping in to be part of our Oily Abundance Beat the Heat Summer Popsicle Series. We have been pouring over popsicle recipes for a month {lucky us!} and have come up with the best of the best to help you beat the heat. So keep reading to find out how you can use your essential oils to create delicious summertime treats. beat the heat popsicle series ---> andisigsbey.com

So far in the series we have had two amazing posts, you don’t  want to miss these:

Monday, Becky Webb from RootedBlessings shared her recipe for Lemonade Lavender Popsicles using both lemon and lavender essential oils. Holy moly!

Yesterday, Kate Doubler at Real Food RN blogged her awesome recipe for Chocolate Mint Popsicles using peppermint essential oil. Yum Yum Yum!!

I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes, my dairy free Orange ‘Cream’sicles. This recipe is lightly sweet and fruity and hits the spot on those warm summer days! I’ve always been a sucker for orange popsicles. When I was a kid those orange burst push-up pops were the bees knees… OMG.. I could take down a whole box and would be willing to stalk the ice cream truck guy just to get my hands on one. Fast forward a bit and I still love that same light fruity taste in the summer but prefer quick recipes that I can whip up at home with no mystery ingredients. It’s an added bonus when I can incorporate my essential oils because they have been such an important part of finding health for my family.


In the Orange ‘Creamsicle’ recipe we will be using Young Living orange essential oil. So you are probably thinking, orange popsicles sound divine but what else could I do with that orange essential oil? Well, all of the citrus oils are amazing and orange is no different. Orange is high in limolene and may help perk up your dull complexion, reverse insomnia, reduce fluid retention, reduce hypertension, ease depression, and put you in a better mood.  Diffusing in the air at our house instantly lifts my mood and energizes me! {Pair it with stress away, you won’t be disappointed!} There was also a study looking into the use of limolene to reduce cell proliferation in breast cancer patients, there were notable reductions and a placebo trial is in the works (source). Fascinating! Find out more about essential oils here!

Orange Creamsicle ---> andisigsbey.com

sign up ----> andisigsbey.comI love to put a drop of orange in a glass of water to start my day, add it to my homemade soap and cleaning supplies, simply diffuse it in the air to freshen up the room and brighten up my day, and use it in these amazing Dairy Free Orange ‘Cream’sicles. So without further adieux, here is the recipe for Dairy Free Orange ‘Cream’sicles.


{Dairy Free Orange ‘Cream’sicles} 

makes 3 cups or 8 rocket pops


1 cup organic full fat coconut milk

3 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp lime juice*

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 cup almond milk {unsweetened}

1 banana*

1 orange or 1/2 c orange juice

4-6 drops Young Living orange essential oil** —> how can I join the oily revolution? 


Immersion blender {or a regular blender if that’s what you have}

Popsicle molds {I’m biased but I LOVE my rocket pops}


Put all the ingredients into a blender or a wide mouth jar if using an immersion blender. Blend until smooth.


Pour into popsicle molds. Place in freezer. Wait patiently {or impatiently}.


Remove popsicle from freezer and enjoy! {You may need to run your popsicle mold under warm water so that the pop will release or you can set it out on the counter for a few minutes… but really who wants to wait that long?}


*You may be thinking… banana? lime juice? Is this lady bananas? {pun intended}. I made the recipe with and without these two ingredients. Personally, I think the banana gives the popsicle a smoother texture. Without it, the popsicles are more icy. The lime juice just adds a little bam. You know what I mean.

**We made this recipe with 4, 5, and 6 drops of orange essential oils. If you like a more subtle flavor then four may be good for you. Around here, we like things to pop with flavor so six was the right amount. Don’t be shy, add four drops, mix, then have a taste. If it’s not orangy enough, add another drop and repeat until the taste is perfect for you.

Tomorrow, visit Kelli Fras over at Happy Healthnut for her Dairy Free Mango Lassi Popsicle recipe using ginger oil.  You are not going to want to miss it!

On Friday we have Joyce Schmalz at The Skinny Pear posting her recipe for Lemon Berry Popsicles!

Enjoy your summer and good luck beating this heat, hopefully these recipes will be a good start.

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