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Holy bananas. Is time flying or what? I’ve been busy over here doing custom orders for Christmas. It is such a joy to be able to put part of my creative self into each and every thing I design. It’s a real honor and I am so very thankful for all of the support and love I have received this holiday season!

Since business is booming, my personal Christmas festivities have taken a back seat BUT I checked the calendar and had a WOWZA WOWZA moment. I better kick it in gear to get ready for my own family time.

To Do List: Christmas Tree Choosing + Cutting – Family Gift Crafting – Snuggles with my family! Yahoo! My happy place.

I love Christmas. My crew usually makes the extra effort to visit far away family members, we take extra time to say sweet things to friends, and we do crafts and traditions that bring my family a lot of joy! We make the gifts that we give to family and this year we are trying to include a 1-year-old babynado* so we needed something fun for everyone. We really enjoyed this craft and I hope you do too!

*babynado – a baby who destroy everything he/she comes in contact with!

How to Make Babynado Painted Christmas Tree Art

painted christmas tree art --->

Finger Painted Tree Background

1. Cover all the surfaces that you care about within a 20 foot radius of baby. You can see in the background of this picture that I have piled all the things that we like over there in the back. 🙂 You may also want to take this opportunity to cover yourself in a moo moo or smock.

2. Tape down paper to your table {we use painters tape and go around all the edges.} – this is an important step for us because if babynado gets a hold of said paper it will become shredded paper.

3. Strap baby into high chair so that baby cannot crawl around with the paint on his hands.

4. Put a few drops of non-toxic finger paint on the paper and baby will take care of the rest.

5. Voila, baby Picasso is finished! Put these aside and let them dry.



Cut-out Tree

1. Print out this 5×7 tree or make your own design!

2. Using a xacto knife {adults only, no babies can participate in this part} very carefully cut out the tree in the middle. Cut out tree --->

Finishing Touches

1. Place the finger painted background behind the cut-out tree.

2. These would make excellent hand-made cards or framed art pieces.

finishing touches --->



I hope you enjoy this project! My little man thought it was a blast.

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