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I illustrate and create for the quirky and curious soul who delights in whimsical fun patterns inspired by adventure, travel and home.



I have been creating for years and it always feels like I’m coming home. It’s that sweet spot where I feel energized and alive and I can’t wait to see how inspiration and creativity move through me. It’s always a surprise and I think that’s my favorite part. It’s curiosity that motivates me and creating that propels me.

I hope that you’ll find inspiration to follow your own curiosity here. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by.

I hope to see you soon,

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 Each year is filled with love, sorrow, failure, success, learning, and letting go. 2018 was no different and I suspect 2019 won’t be either. ✨ ✨ In many ways 2018 was one of my best years. I was able to travel more with my family, work towards dreams with my husband, spend Wednesday nights with my friends, explore my art and many other wonderful things. In other ways, 2018 was really hard as I’ve continued to try to navigate my healing, clumsily learned that I have to let go of old ideas, awkwardly navigate difficult parenting moments and try to stay above water when it felt like I was sinking. ✨ ✨ Above all, I continue to be grateful. Grateful for my family and friends. Grateful for the human experience. Grateful for the things that make me laugh and those that make me cry. Grateful for always learning new ways to be. Grateful to let go of old ideas. Grateful for it all. ✨ ✨ Hello, 2019. I can’t wait to see what this year brings. This life is such a crazy and beautiful ride. ✨ ✨ What are you grateful for as we start a new year? ✨ ✨ #newyear #2019 #grateful #illustration #handlettering #foliage #whimsical #letgo #breathe #youareloved #illustrationartists #art #happynewyear2019 #youarebeautiful #digitalart
 Merry Christmas Eve. I hope you are spending time surrounded by people whom you love and who love you back. ✨ ✨ #merrychristmas #love #cookies #matcha #keto #christmascookies #cookiesforsanta #family #spreadlove #youareloved
 This is an illustration from earlier in the year but it always reminded me of the winter festivities. Wishing you a bright and light filled holiday season!! ✨ ✨ #illustration #illustrationartists #florals #happyholidays #tistheseason #joyful #simple #whimsical #dailyart #art
 Be the light  ✨ ✨ Over the course of my life this is a phrase I’ve come back to more times than I can count. ✨ ✨ There are so many wonderful people who light up my life and I hope I do the same for them. You know who you are! ✨ ✨ There are folks that I see on the street who are just radiating light and love. You know those people. Thank you! Thank you for your light, your love, and your positive vibes in this world. ✨ ✨ #bethelight #showlove #gratefulheart #love #friends #community #illustration #artist #happyholidays #bejoyful #spreadthelove #illustrator #doitfortheprocess #enjoythejourney