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I illustrate and create for the quirky and curious soul who delights in whimsical fun patterns inspired by adventure, travel and home.



I have been creating for years and it always feels like I’m coming home. It’s that sweet spot where I feel energized and alive and I can’t wait to see how inspiration and creativity move through me. It’s always a surprise and I think that’s my favorite part. It’s curiosity that motivates me and creating that propels me.

I hope that you’ll find inspiration to follow your own curiosity here. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by.

I hope to see you soon,

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 This week I turn 37. Not a traditionally remarkable birthday but internally it feels huge. Like a part of me that’s been shushed and squashed for all my life is finally bursting to be free. I wanted to mark this internal transition by celebrating my physical body and setting it free in a new way. . . So how does a girl go about this? She enlists six of her friends to meet her at 6:15am for a sunrise skinny dip. Gals, if you are out there thinking that this sounds awesome.. it is! We had the best time and we were exhilarated and empowered and it was beautiful. We ended the river time by doing an all hands in ‘your body is beautiful’. You know what... YOUR BODY IS BEAUTIFUL! . . If you are thinking, those women must already feel so body confident, you’d be wrong. Each one of us is a mom, our bodies are varied and different, some of us are less confident than others.. one thing we do have in common is that we are interested in pushing past our comfort zones on occasion. You know what didn’t happen... not one person was criticized and every person was celebrated.  . . It was the perfect celebration for this trip around the sun! ☀️ . . #positivethoughts #bodypositive #yourbodyisbeautiful #breathe #sunrise #womensupportwomen #birthday #friendsforlife
 Happy Mother’s Day to all the folks out there momming hard. If I’m being honest, parenting is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I struggle every day to keep my patience and my clam. I succeed some days and some days I don’t. . . I’m grateful for today because my boys took me to breakfast and then a hike and no one made me carry them. We also came across a cool snake and a beautiful view! #winning #lovethem #itwastouchandgoforawhile . . Today I’m also grateful for my mom and mother-in-law and all the moms in my life paving the way with kindness, support, and love. @stephenson4084 @suebuchan . . Happy Mother’s Day! ❤️❤️ . . #happymothersday #love #hikingwithkids #familyhike #dupontstateforest  @ryansigsbeyphoto
 Guess what. It’s officially bug season. I love all the things that summer brings: late evenings watching bats scoop up mosquitos, playing in the creek under the shade of a tree, long walks, cookouts with friends, sleeping with the windows open. I don’t love ticks, red ants, and the onslaught of mosquitos. But... here we are anyway!  . . Last summer I made this repeating pattern inspired by watching the ants crawl across my blanket and the small flowers in the grass. It’s so fun to go back and find these gems. . . Here’s hoping your next picnic doesn’t get hijacked by ants!  . . #surfacepatterndesign #repeatpattern #surfacepattern #design #ants #picnic #flowers #summer #bugs #illustration
 Well, I’m sitting here with the flu in my tiny space trying not to pass it along to anyone in my family (). Yesterday was the worst day by far but today I managed a shower and a simple drawing. Things are looking up! . . Being sick is tough for everyone but it seems particularly awful when a mom goes down. I’m the one who keeps the family moving and operating. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is great at it but he runs a business full time and taking over my stuff plus his stuff plus the kids stuff is just too much for anyone. I’m so grateful for him! Kudos to all you single parents out there. . . Here’s hoping quick healing and health for anyone feeling under the weather today. ❤️ . . #sickday #flu2019 #illustration #art #spring #floral #flowers #enjoythejourney #breathe #illustrationartist #dailydrawing . .