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I illustrate and create for the quirky and curious soul who delights in whimsical fun patterns inspired by adventure, travel and home.



I have been creating for years and it always feels like I’m coming home. It’s that sweet spot where I feel energized and alive and I can’t wait to see how inspiration and creativity move through me. It’s always a surprise and I think that’s my favorite part. It’s curiosity that motivates me and creating that propels me.

I hope that you’ll find inspiration to follow your own curiosity here. I’m so happy you’ve stopped by.

I hope to see you soon,

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 Do any of you have a sport that you love and you are mediocre at best? That’s me and rock climbing. I love it! Really love it. I have steadily climbed the same for the past twelve years, barely doing the easiest routes. You know what? I don’t give a flying toot cause I have fun any way. . . It has me thinking, what things are we missing out on because we want to be good? What risks do we avoid because we can’t be the best? What lessons are passing us by because we are scared to fail? . . Failing is beautiful. Failure is an opportunity that success does not offer. Failure is growth. Mediocrity is humbling. . . Here’s to the joys of mediocrity and the lessons of failure! . . #mediocre #failure #tryanyway #takearisk #live #breathe #fulltimervfamily #highcountry #blowingrock #boone #828isgreat #wnc
 Corn maze  Apple orchard  shenanigans today. Some days, we crush it and do all the things (like today) but most days we stay in our PJs until the following bed time and putz around observing the world. 🤷‍♀️ The busy days are fine as long as they are sprinkled among the slow days. The majority of the days must be SLOW. That’s how we keep our sanity, and our stamina, and our pace set. . . What is your preferred rhythm for your family? I’d say one busy day a week is about all we can handle because we (read: ME) start losing our cool. I know other people who are just the opposite, too much slow drives them crazy. . . #slowdown #slow #pjsallday #appleorchard #cornmaze #fall #apples #october #fall #staycalm #slowandsteady #homeschool #unschoollife
 Today I sat on this rock with sadness in my heart and excitement in my body. That seems to be my life as of late. Multifaceted and Contradictory. I’m feeling a deep sadness that our time in Michigan is almost over. That there will be no more quick trips to the beach. No more impromptu time with family. No more large bodies of water to keep me grounded. . . BUT I’m looking forward with excitement. We leave in one week for North Carolina where we will reconnect with friends and go through the fall transition all over again. We will splash in the river and hike those beautiful mountains. . . Life is such a profound journey of learning and unlearning. I’ve been trying to unlearn my need to control and have a plan. I’m trying to learn patience in all areas of my life. This time of living in our camper is teaching me resilience and strengthening my faith. My daily work is to let go and trust that there is a plan in motion even if I’m not privy to the details yet. . . Is there anything you are trying to unlearn or learn? I’d love to know! . . #learn #grow #breathe #airstream #faith #journey #tinyliving #fulltimervfamily #michigan #puremichigan #adios #resilience
 This face! 🥰 The boys and I took a little trip down to Grand Rapids, MI for a change of scenery and to recharge. We were living life large at The Holiday Inn Express. The room had more square footage than our camper, huge beds, a bathtub, and an indoor pool. #winning . . Grand Rapids is awesome for families. There is a zoo, children’s museum, planetarium, and Meijer garden which is very kid centric. Best mini-getaway we’ve had in a while. Well I guess it’s the only one we’ve had in a while.  Living in a camper probably seems like we are always on vacation but that’s not how it feels. We have a daily rhythm like anyone else and it’s great to get away to recharge when needed. Feeling grateful for being able to take these boys out into the world where they talk to and meet all sorts of people. They even gifted an elderly man a wax statue that they had been working on and it just made his day and theirs. . . I feel so anxious about homeschooling sometimes and then experiences like this remind me that my kids will be fine. They talk with everyone. Ask questions to elders and others and recall what they’ve learned when we talk later. . . #homeschool #grandrapids #michigan #meijergardens #johnballzoo #unschool #roadschool #learningisfun #kindnessisfree